Vermont’s recreational marijuana law goes into effect today making it the 9th legal state


Adults ages 21 and over are now legally allowed to possess and grow marijuana for personal use effective Sunday, July 1st 2018.

Vermont joins eight other states who have already legalized cannabis for recreational use but Vermont is the only state to do so through legislature. Phil Scott, the state’s Governor, signed the bill into law in the beginning of the year.

Some aspects of the law remain unclear but it states that of age adults can legally grow up to six plants in the privacy of their own home as long as they are only two mature plants and four immature plants. Possession amounts are limited to one ounce of marijuana.

Like the eight states before it, driving while under the substance remains illegal. Smoking in public areas and parks is illegal and smoking in federal parks like Lake Champlain could lead to a criminal offense.

Vermont Marijuana

Take note, It is still illegal to sell weed in Vermont.

“This is a libertarian approach,” Gov. Scott said prior to signing the bill into law. “I know there are diverse opinions … as to whether we should move forward, but I still firmly believe that what you do in your own home should be your business, as long as it doesn’t affect someone else.”

Eight other states and Washington D.C. currently have recreational marijuana laws in place. Only six of these states allow recreational sales: Alaska, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and Washington state.

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